More Females in sport

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It’s fair to say that over recent years the coverage of females in sport has improved. Whether that be through social media, live broadcast or the number of available resources (such as sports teams, funding, coaching courses, sports initiatives).

For example, Project 500 a sports initiative to increase the number of female coaches has trained and up-skilled more than 500 women in South East England as well as providing financial support for qualifications (UK Coaching, [online] 2015).

Similarly, the Female Coaching Network (FCN) a global platform which encourages female coaches to share, connect and learn from like-minded peers.

I was thrilled when both Project 500 and FCN wanted to interview me earlier this year to share my coaching journey thus far. To have their support makes me proud that no matter your background or socioeconomic class you can inspire, you can feel valued for your hard work, it’s okay to follow your passion and share your experiences with others.

FCN – For female Coaches by Female Coaches. ‘An interview with Nicole Farley’ 

Project 500 – More Women, Better Coaching. Video “Nicole’s story”Project 500

Although female participation is moving in the right direction, within male-dominated sports there is still a need for more female coaches, players, referees, leaders and role models at all levels of the game. Why is that?

In America increased female sports participation was fuelled by Title IX (Title 9). An equal rights federal law to encourage an equal playing field for females in world sport (The Sport Journal, [online] 2008).

To bridge the gap between equality and diversity in sport is important. Different perspectives stem different ideas (New ideas), stems creativity – thinking out of the box. In the coaching world coaches should be seen as equals based on their skills, experience, qualifications, character… to name a few. Of course, there are always barriers to participation by the nature of personal circumstance, but in modern society, one should not be inhibited by lack of opportunity.

Simple, If you can see it, you can be it!